Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Galaxies & Nebulae of the summer

After one of the first stargazing seasons I can remember it looks like summer has finally arrived. The last few days have been beautiful. So last Saturday I set out for a 4.5 hour stargazing session on Mount Seymour. My goal was to test my telescopes focusing ability and see how long I could track for. I was also eager to try and get some nice deep sky pictures. In addition to this I really wanted to get my autoguider working properly.

I managed to more or less accomplish most of my goals. Focusing was acceptable on the TV-85. Not perfect, to do that I suspect I'll need a motor-focuser (and a camera with live view so I can properly use my Bahtinov mask). The maximum time I could track for without trailing becoming too noticible was just under 3 minutes. Both of these resulted in some nice deep sky pictures. I still have higher expectations but it was a good start.

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