Thursday, July 28, 2011

A few more summer pics

I'm taking full advantage of the nice weather I've finally been given. After months and months of cloud and rain its finally summer and warm in Vancouver. So over the last month I've spent many hours staring at the stars and the little LCD display on my DSLR. All that work has resulted in the following two pictures (actually there are about half a dozen more but they didn't turn out particularly well). I'm slowing getting the focusing issue under control at least with the my refractor (the SCT is still a pain to deal with photographically speaking). Anyway these pictures are of the Dumbell Nebula (look to a previous post if you want to compare it to my first image of the Dumbell Nebula.)

The second image is of the Ring Nebula. Its a very small, bright planetary nebula. This picture (like most of the images) was taken through my 85 mm refractor and I think the next time I decide to image the Ring Nebula I'll try it with my 8" SCT. Its such a small target that the extra magnification should make a bug difference.

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