Sunday, February 5, 2012

High Resolution Lunar Picture

After nearly 2 months of almost constant rain it finally cleared up.  And wouldn't you know it, it was about 3 days before a full moon.  So rather than do some maybe marginal deep sky photography I opted instead to try some high resolution shots of the lunar terminator (basically the line that separates the shadow from the illuminated part of the moon). Using my DSLR it took a while before the pictures would stack properly (more to come on that later) but eventually I managed to get three nice shots of difference parts of the moon.  Using a great program called iMerge I was able to combine those shots into one nice panorama shot of the moon.  I'm still working on getting the colours to seamlessly match so you can still tell where the different shots overlap. 

Unlike many of the other lunar pictures I've taken this one is relatively high-resolution.  If you download the picture you can actually zoom in on many different parts of the surface, particularly around the terminator and get some amazing lunar vistas.

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