Friday, April 22, 2011

Sun Photography!

Well, its been nearly 8 weeks since I got any serious stargazing done. And I blame the absolutely lousy weather we've been having. Every now and then it looks like its about to clear up for an evening I'm thwarted by clouds. This weekend was no exception; Thursday was looking promising but at the last minute clouds took over the sky. Friday is probably going to be one of the few clear days in the next few weeks, and wouldn't you know it I'm going to Edmonton. Anyway, in an effort to make the most of a terribly ironic situation I set up my telescopes just after lunch to do some solar observing (and to make sure everything was in working order for International Astronomy Day in Aldergrove Park).

I got some half decent pictures of a few sunspots but the real gem was looking at the solar atmosphere through my HA telescope. Imaging through that scope is a real challenge though; my best guess is that the focal point is actually inside my camera's focus. Sad. Hopefully I can work something out. And hopefully there is more to see in the coming weeks than just the sun!

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